2004-04-23 - 11:56 a.m.

This week, I would like to announce, has been a version of hell. Sunday and Monday I was up late providing moral support and typing assistance to Nora for two papers. Tuesday night I was out at a high school course registration night. Wednesday night was the 8th grade puppet show. Last night and again tonight is Maddy's class play.

It's too much. It's much too much. I am grumpy beyond all measure. I really do get grumpy in a most unpleasant way. I become annoyed and decide I can't stand any of these other parents, and pissed off that Maddy has such a miniscule part in the play. What? You want me to sell tickets for this stupid play in which my kid, a capable and competent actor, has the crappiest of parts, even though she's a sixth grader and it's her last year? Oh, gee, I'd love to.

Oh, and then I can sit in the dark and watch everyone else's kid in this stupid play that's supposed to be a musical but isn't? Oh, I'd love too!

I went though the school website and confirmed that there is not one picture of Maddy.

See? This is what happens to the person deprived of rest and even minimal of amounts of time.

[It is true that she got a completely crappy part, and it's really not fair.]

I just have to make it through tonight, which includes a cast party and getting home with several of Nora's friends, and then I promised to take Nora to Marine World (but I think I will leave them there) and laundry and shopping and packing and then I get to fly to Massachusetts! Oh joy!

And rush home in time to rush out to another school fundaiser, and Maddy's piano recital, and then another school fundraiser.

Holy Christ.

Then I think I'm sort of in the clear for a while.

Plus, in Massachusetts, I'm hoping I will do nothing but sit and chat with my mother. There is the potential for some rest, there.

What I would give for a nap --


(And I'll likely be gone for a week)

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