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2004-05-03 - 12:23 p.m.

Hey, I am back!

My mother is in good shape. She has lymphoma (I'm not sure I posted this before) but last week was her last chemotherapy, and she seems to have a lot of energy. (More than I do, I should note.) So -- she's sort of turning this whole thing into an excuse for family bonding, which I think has made it all a lot more tolerable, and this was my time to go. It was important to her that we all go in and meet her doctors and see the facility, etc.

Funny -- but it was.

Anyway -- we have to wait three weeks now to see that all is fixed. Cross your fingers that it is.

And the family seemed to survive quite well without me. Kevin was pretty stressed, but even at his most stressed, he seems less stressed than a year ago, and that's good. The girls made their own lunches, and did other stuff, and it all seemed to go pretty well. Except for Maddy's enormous paper. She's now behind, which makes her very nervous, and if she's nervous, she can't work. She finally burst into tears last night and said that her teacher has been scaring her about middle school and now she's absolutely terrified. Thank you, helpful teacher! After that, though, I think she felt better, and she at least got the outline done and a much better handle on what exactly happened to Captain John Cook on the Sandwich Islands.

And I saw my brother's new house and new baby, and my other brother's two little kids. It was fun. It's only the beginning of spring there. Imagine that!

Okay, and now I kind of have a ton of stuff to do, so I think I'd better go do it.

Don't you?


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