2004-05-07 - 10:54 a.m.

Ho hum.

Okay, I have a million things I have got to get done today. First, I have to get Nora a ticket to camp. Then, I've got to sign Maddy up for riding camp. Then -- oh, blah blah blah.

I rode my bike in this morning. That is twice this week. Yay me.

It seems that I have not really lost any strength in the five months I haven't been riding. I think I'm maybe a bit slower, but I can still make it up all the hills the way I used to be able to. The main thing seems to be that I have gotten fatter.

Ho hum.

Did you know that Oxford St. is paved with concrete? I like roads that are paved with concrete. There was a road where I grew up that was like that. Long Ridge Rd. It was a pretty old road. THe main one that went north.

It seems that they last a pretty long time. The thing about them is that they are laid in slabs. In Connecticut, I always thought it was so they could expand and contract with the weather. Here that's probably not the case. So when you drive over them they go thunk, think, thunk.

Which I always enjoyed as a child.

Also, I am reevaluating my rose plan. I think I don't have enough roses with big flowers. Smelling good is important, but I think big is important, too.

Uh. I think I'll go do all the stupid little things I need to do, now -- it seems I have very little to say for myself.



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