Take-out food

2004-05-10 - 10:36 a.m.

Oh oh oh. I have to go do something unpleasant, but first --

What a nice weekend! Saturday I went to my knitting class, where I proved unable to learn the picot edge cast-on. (But why in hell would I ever want to learn the picot-edge cast-on? I really can't envision using it.) I did knit the hood for Liam's sweatshirt. It is nearly done. (Meanwhile, my mother has already finished 80 garments and is already onto actually making something for herself. Hmmm. What a concept.)

Anyway -- then I came home, and what did I do? I'm not sure. Not the laundry. I think I knitted, and Nora knitted, and we watched movies, and went out to get Maddy's hair trimmed, and then picked up Maddy's friend Morgan who stayed for dinner. Yeah. Then, we watched Love Actually on video, first straight through, and then the deleted scenes, and then the director's commentary, which was really fun. The commentary was by the director, and Hugh Grant, and Bill Nye (it that his name?) and the boy -- Tom something. It was actually pretty funny, and they kept making fun of Colin Firth. Who has indeed made quite a career of getting wet, hasn't he?

Then, the next day, I got up and pottered around and gardened (the front is actually looking pretty nice! wild nice, but actually pretty, objectively, nice) and talked to my mother, and started the laundry. And at some point, Nora got up and cleaned the kitchen and made crepes! We had them for lunch, and Maddy gave me a lovely card and some flowers and Kevin went out an bought power tools for himself (but cheerily.) We had planned to take a bike ride, but both girls had huge papers due today, and really, I was just as happy gardening, so we stayed home and Kevin grilled and I made a new sort of brownie-type thing and it was good.

So that was it. I am somewhat crippled today from weeding. But I got all the 80 kinds of hens-and-chicks that I bought at target months ago planted. How I do love them. And I planted a rose, but in a bad spot. I'll have to move it. And Nora's friend Emma stayed for dinner on Friday night -- it was all quite fun.

Anyway. And now I am here, and I must write this dreadful article, and I think I'd better go get some tea.

I'm wearing some earrings that Maddy made -- they're two little charms that look like take-out Chinese food containers and I love them.


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