2004-05-11 - 10:21 a.m.

I rode my bike today, AND I shaved my legs. Surely I deserve a medal.

Also, I figured out that my ride is closer to 6 miles than 5 -- 5.8, I think.

I am even more virtuous than I had initially thought.

What else. Book group last night, and we all agreed that Dante Club sucked big time. Poorly written, wooden characters, overwhelmed by research. Ugh. Ann found a great sentence, something like "The rectangular shape of the room that had served George Washington so well as a library, also suited Mrs. Craigie, and suited as well Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his fellow ....

Most rooms ARE rectangular. It does not matter one whit to the plot that the room is rectangular, and the fact about George Washington is really just annoying.


Then we spent a long time looking for a new book (and not finding anything) until we realized we could get the Jane Austen Book Club for not SO much money, and we decided on that.

It had better be good.

While I was there, Maddy called me to tell me she had trapped an enormous jumping spider in her room, and what should she do. What a brave girl! She put a glass over it, and scooted a piece of paper under it (which caused it to jump, alarmingly) and carried it into the kitchen, but could go no further. I told her to leave it until her father got home. Which she did. I was quite proud of her.

Okay -- lots of stuff to do, here. PLus I want to go our at lunch to get the new book. Yay!


Oh -- I was riding in, and I forgot and went the wrong way. (I got to an intersection, and really could not figure out where I normally went from there, and it was because I am normally not at that intersection. I was thinking about the edging on the yellow sweatshirt I'm making for Liam, my nephew.) So I went a different way across campus, and it was actually rather pleasant. So -- That's good.

Also, did you feel the earthquake yesterday? I did.

Also, I have several amusing stories from Maddy's sex ed class. But I think I'll tell them later.

Bye again.

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