Buckeye trees were everywhere

2004-05-17 - 10:51 a.m.


Very busy weekend, and now I feel somewhat exhausted. What did I do? Well -- knitting on Saturday. Yellow pullover very close. Then homw, and somehow very busy. Although I don't remember what I did at all. Maybe it will come back to me. Eventually we watched West Side Story and went to bed.

I know, I went to Target, twice! To get pictures, and a few other things, and I found some capri pants which were really necessary. And t-shirts, for Kevin.

Sunday, I went out and got pastries. I looked at the poor, dessiciated garden. I cleaned the kitchen, and did some laundry. Then Nora and I went out dress shopping, which was very fun. We went down to Fourth Street, and found tons of cute dresses and other clothes. There was, by surprise, a jazz festival going on, too. It was fun. Nora tried on a million things, and then we wandered to another store and tried on a thousand more things, and looked at lovely new windows (which I covet--ours are terrible) and modern furniture (which is just like what Kevin's parents have in their house -- we went around daying, look! grandma's dining room chairs! -- sort of funny, actually). We ate hot dogs, and then went home, where Nora made cookies (from a jar! Christmas present idea!) and Maddy practiced, and Nora cleaned her room, and we made Maddy try on clothes (pure torture) and I did more laundry and started a lovely scarf for Esther that I want to keep for myself, which is always a good sign in a gift, I think. Lovely lovely Noro wool.

Oh, I know what else we did on Saturday. Kevin was home, and we drove to Port Costa and had prime rib at a place called the Warehouse. It was actually fun. We should do things like that more often. It's kind of nice, there. Pretty funky -- you know, with ramshackle unpainted houses made out of old doors and beautiful beautiful rosy gardens to sit outside in. Decrepit old lovely school house. Might be nice to live there, but everyone would perhaps know you a little too well --

Anyway. There it is, the report for the weekend. Now I am so very very tired. Ho hum.


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