2004-05-18 - 10:16 a.m.

Aha! I rode my bike today AND returned library books along the way. Whoa!

Riding is nice -- you can easily stop to do things along the way. You can hear the birds and see the flowers. People waiting at bus stops occasionally say hi to you. You notice a woman you know walking along the sidewalk with another woman and a white fluffy dog, deep in excited conversation.

I am a little sad -- Nora and I went shopping on Sunday, and the store we went to had all kinds of cute and sort of quirky skirts. Sort of made out of table-cloth fabric. But I am too fat, and none of them would ever fit me. Still, I saw a woman in the NYT walking with her comparably aged daughter, both wearing such skirts. So I don't think I'm too old -- Where can I find such a skirt? Or would it look very very bad. They remind me of a great skirt I had in high school. It had very small blue and white stripes, and then little white stars all over it. Very very tiny. With a gathered waist. I got it at Loehmann's, and it was too big, but I wore it anyway.


Okay, things to do. None of them pleasant, I might add.


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