2004-05-27 - 10:12 a.m.


I'm freezing, and I'm wearing a thing I don't really like and shoes that I inexplicably can't really walk in.

I have the same pair in another color and those are just fine. It is mysterious.

I think I should just go home, actually.

I feel like an old boss of mine. This is something that she would probably wear.

Yuck. That is not a compliment.

In other news -- I've read 5 books from the library recently. The library! What a great idea! I read Dear Exile, which is letters from two college roommates, one of whom is in the peace corps in kenya and one of whom is living in new york. That was quite good, although it did make me resolve never to go to kenya, because the idea of eating rancid goat stew -- I think I really just can't. Then I read Things my girlfriend and I have argued about, by Mil Millington, which was very funny. Not deep in any way, but pretty funny. Funny especially if you work in a library, I think. Then I read Among Stone Giants, whcih is a biography about a woman, Katherine Routledge, who was one of the first people to go to Easter Island and try to make sense of it. And she did, despite woefully inadequate anthropological training. And schizophrenia. And a nasty personality. Then I read A Family Place, by Charles Gaines (?), who is apparently the guy who wrote "Pumping Iron." It's about how he and his family built a house up in Nova Scotia. He sounds like kind of a prick, but the book was not bad, and I want to do the same thing.

He reminds me of some old football players I know -- incredibly resourceful and handy and kind of easy to get along with, although they make me nervous. But people seem to like them, and they can both a) build things and b) cook really well.


And now I'm reading A Cornish Childhood, by A.L. Rowse. Which is also interesting. He's an Elizabethan scholar (I think) who grew up in a very working class family in Cornwall. He would never have gotten along with the football players, either, being of much too nervous a temperament. He probably can't cook or build either.

But his book is interesting.

And now I have huge plans to make an outdoor fireplace at our house and then have lots of people over. It will be fun!

But first I suppose I have to clean the house, and a brother is visiting.


To tell the truth, he can be somewhat of a pest. Easily takes offense, and will want to be entertained. Not the self-entertaining type in any way.

But I feel sort of bad because when we visit him (or at least the place he lives) he is a very attentive host.

Well, possibly a bit too attentive.

But I don't want my entire weekend to be eaten up with boringness.

Oh dear.

Got to go --


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