2004-06-07 - 11:17 a.m.

Okay. So I am back. It feels like I've been gone forever.

Well, I went on the school camping trip. (Fun, although different from years past).

I came home.

Maddy finished up her Hawai'i paper, although she still has to make the poster.

Nora was gone nearly all weekend, although I saw her Saturday morning, and then Saturday afternoon and evening, and then again Sunday evening. I saw the 8th grade play on Saturday night, which was very very good.

I went to a new school picnic for Maddy's new school. We went with M., a good friend who's going from her old school to the new school with her. Then we hung around with M. and bought supplies for the poster.

I went to a John Kerry fundraiser, and saw a strange but fun group of people -- people we've known from various schools; people from my book group; people from Kevin's work. Odd, huh? It was fun.

So, it's no wonder I'm exhausted, right?

The camping trip was fun -- but. The but part comes, I think, from the changing of the guard phenomenon. The old people (parents of Nora's friends, really) are now gone, and so new people are taking over, as they should. But they're kind of not as much fun.

I'll tell you about them later.

I did have fun with one woman who's been around for a while (and who I ran into later at the fundraiser). And I had good conversations with a woman I've known for quite a while, but just never really talked to before. And another woman I'd bunked with before who turns out to be a really excellent knitter. So that was all fun. I'll tell you the annoying bits later. But mostly it was good.

I sort of wondered about Maddy -- she is good friends with her peers, but not exactly really really close with any of them. It's not that she's not a close-friend person, because she has made close friends in the past -- she's still best friends with a girl from preschool, actually. But I think none of them are quite her type, and actually, she's actually sort of prone to spending lots of time alone. She didn't dance with anyone at the dance. I think it was sort of not worth it to her to dance with people just for the sake of it. I told her that she would grow up and there would be people she actually felt like dancing with, and she seemed somewhat relieved.

Anyway. It was a little odd, but I think okay.

But I'm still really really tired.

Okay, then.


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