2004-06-10 - 9:41 a.m.

Okay, here are some things about today.

My bra is too tight and may strangle me before the day is out.

It's Nora's last day of school.

It's Maddy's first day of summer.

It's my first day of work, really, in about 27,000 years. (Well, not really, but it certainly feels like it.)

I need a haircut more desperately than you can even imagine, and I want a decent one.

Maddy's Hawai'i report and graduation were yesterday. Her Hawai'i report went really really well. She read from her paper, but for each point she had pictures on her poster board. She was really well organized. She sang Aloha Oe (which is that Aloha song that everyone knows.) She was composed and collected and did a great job. I was really proud of her, and she was really really happy with herself.


Then, graduation was really nice, too. They all looked so grown up, but then they all seemed so goofy later, which was exactly as it should have been.

And I got the presents all handed out and everything.

It is an odd thing -- I worry so much about Maddy, because she had such a hard time learning to read, and she continues to have a hard time getting all her work done, etc. But I really do think she's growing into everything. She's looking grown up. She's finishing standardized tests on time. Judging by the posterboards, her report was certainly one of the most complete and well organized if not THE most complete and well-organized. It all seems to be coming together, and I think it was a good thing to let her stay though 6th grade -- I think she's leaving feeling very confident and ready.

Which is good.


She said she wished her speech had been better. It was pretty good, actually, but I think she realized she could have put more stuff in it --

But it was actually quite good as it was.

Anyway -- it was all good, and I'm intensely relieved that it's over.

Now today Maddy has a birthday party to go to, and then tomorrow is Nora's graduation, and later the party, and then we're done.


And then I can start thinking about other things again.


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