At ease with oneself

2004-06-11 - 3:42 p.m.


So Nora's graduated.

It was a very nice ceremony. Then we had lunch, which was quite fun. The girls are currently over at Nora's friend Emma's house, watching movies, and I am at work, and soon I will pick them up and take them back home and Nora can get dressed for the party and then I'll take her to the party.

I'm chaperoning, which is a very terrible thing, but I've promised that Ida and I will hang out in the shrubbery and get drunk.

Ida said she thinks it's fine if we do.

So there.

I can't believe they're all graduated, but actually -- for all my thinking that they're so big, I realize that they're not that big. 6th and 8th grades are not SO big.

I think it's that I've accepted that they're big kids, but then as big kids, they're not actually so big. When they're graduating from college, that will be big.

And -- they've really had good experiences, and they've made the most of them, and it's been good.

I think it's really easy to be swayed. Some parents I run into have a sort of --oh, I don't know. They are so obsessed with their children that they manage to convince me, too, that their children are really something special. Because I am an idiot. But then I realize --oh, it's all just puff. My kids are as special as their kids are -- it's just that I don't go around mooning about it. And then I am happy again.

It's not really an admirable trait on our part. Maddy was worried about using a binder for her Hawai'i report because she thought that everyone would think she was just trying to special.

Other parents would have been telling me on the phone how their children needed a binder because their report was so terrific, mind you.

But Maddy's (terrific) report wouldn't fit in the crappy kind of cover, and somehow I convinced her that no one would think she was being uppity by having a binder.

(Pretty pathetic, no?)

Anyway -- but I think she's feeling at ease with herself, and I think Nora's going to do fine at Big Urban School, and I think life is going to be okay.

At least that's my feeling for this exact minute. Check back later because I'm sure it will change.

Oh -- we saw Harry Potter last night. I really liked it, actually. Much better than the other two. Much cleverer and more at ease with itself.

So there you have it.

Bye, then.

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