2004-06-16 - 9:15 a.m.

Hey, I'm starving.

Trying to think of other news.

I keep trying to start this sweater for me. I brought it to my knitting class. There was only one other person there, and she said, hmmm. scratchy.

You know, I like scratchy sweaters. I'm not a very formal person. I'm not a very trendy person. Not that I don't appreciate people who are -- just that somehow, I'm not, and a scratchy sweater made of undyed brown wool will actually be something I can wear every day until I wear it out, which will take a long time.

But first it was way too big, and now it's significantly too small, so I'm going to have to rip it out again and start it again, and I admit, I am not the most patient of people. Sadly.

So there's that.

Oh -- we watched L'auberge espagnole last night, Nora and I, and it was really great! Nora liked it a lot, plus it was good because she's supposed to be learning spanish. It was very very good. I recommend it.

Oh, also I made an over-fried chicken recipe from Cooking for Mr Latte and it was delicious.

Kind of a funny book. I do like those books that are sort of novels with recipes, or cookbooks with stories. The story part is always a bit scattered, but sometimes the recipes are good, and you have a better feeling for them with a story attached.

Anyway. I think that may be all. Plus, I need a biscotti.

Bye, then.

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