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2004-06-17 - 3:18 p.m.


Me again.

Just went for a walk, to try to get dragonwings on tape for maddy, but apparently the library's copy is not actually "on shelf" but rather "missing."

Oh well -- there are print copies at other branches, so --

I'm feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment.

1. I need more exercize. I currently feel sort of feeble and unable to exercise. I think this would go away were I to actually get some exercise, but it's hard to start, given current feeling. I did, however, just walk for about 40 minutes. Okay, I'll try to do something everyday for at least 40 minutes, but it's actually really hard to fit it in, most days. I guess I should be more selfish about it, but -- that's kind of hard to do.

2. Feeling bad about not having mailed mother's b'day present yet (birthday a month ago). Realize she has not responded to my recent newsy email because she's in AZ, not MA, and thus with no access to her email. Duh!

3. Feeling in general health crisis due to bad diet and lack of exercise, plus not enough sleep. Hmmm. Wish I had a decent doctor, but I don't. Hmmmm.

4. Feeling in general work crisis due to rest of life. Vacation coming up seems like bad idea.

5. Feeling in general career crisis. Hmmm. Public library looking pretty good. Hmmm


Annoying coworker just stopped by to fill me in on her selfactualization.


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