No particular place to go

2004-06-18 - 9:57 a.m.

So -- I'm here, and Nora's here with me, although she went out at 9 and was then disappointed when nothing was really open.

Lately I have been feeling that California is not actually SO bad, and I think at least part of that comes from seeing Berkeley though her eyes. I mean, to her it's actually exciting, and when I think about how a person could see all the different neighborhoods and things to do and eat as new and good, I kind of see how they might in fact be okay.

Anyway -- she's out on an errand -- getting a book for Maddy from the bookstore, but stopping at the juice store on the way so she won't get there before 10.

And she's got to buy birthday presents for some girls whose party she's going to tonight, although she made them some absolutely gorgeous shrinkydink bracelets last night.

Ah -- she just called again. It's like she's reporting from the moon. Bookstore not open, but lots of people waiting outside. Very wierd, apparently.

Okay, and now I've got things to do, although no particular places to go, especially.

Blah blah blah.


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