2004-06-22 - 9:40 a.m.


Yuck, my desk is fi;thy.

Anyway --

It's early and chilly, but I got Maddy and Anna to camp, and Nora is still at home asleep, and I am here --

All good, I think.

The Nora situation -- I am sort of holding my breath until she goes away to camp. Yesterday she took the bus to the ice cream store, where she met Penny and Kelsey and went back to Penny's house.

All sort of fun, I suppose, but today apparently she wants to go to another girl's house (a girl I don't even know!) with P. and K.

She is 14, so this doesn't all sound completely unreasonable, but I have to say I'm not entirely comfortable, and I'll be happy to have her off at camp, and then at my mom's house, where I'll be on vacation, too, and she'll be hanging out with me, or relatives.


I think next summer I'll need to think of Something for her to do --

It's just today, tomorrow and thursday, and then next week -- monday, tuesday and wednesday.

Hmm. Lots of time to get in lots of trouble.

Okay. Got to go.


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