2004-06-23 - 9:26 a.m.


Next summer has got to be different. So, I wouldn't let Nora go sleep over at the house of someone I don't even know (and who seems to live alone, since her father is in Russia, although she is supervised by her sister's boyfriend. Hmm. Very comforting.)

But this morning, I drove her in to campus, and she's going to go meet them at the bus stop, and then take the bus to Penny's house, and hang out --

No, I think this is not going to work. It's only another ... 4 days, but next summer there will be camps. Half day camps will be fine, and she can ride her bike to them and that will provide excitement enough, but she also will not be loping all over Berkeley, meeting people at bus stops and hanging out at the houses of people I hardly know.

She didn't seem to be too terribly upset about the fact that I wouldn't let her sleep out. We had dinner and watched some Soprano episodes. We discussed the fact that she is able to tell the psycotic from the normal. I do think she has reasonably good judgement, however -- she was telling me more and more things that were supposed to make me feel okay about letting her sleep over at this person's house (such as the --father in Russia, parents divorced, very responsible since essentially unsupervised except by sister's boyfriend) and each one of them horrified me more and more. Although I tried not to let on lest she never tell me anything again.

Anyway --

Then Maddy's going to a birthday party today after camp. And it's a sleepover. So she gets to go unshowered after camp and run around and then stay up half the night and then I get to drive over to Oakland to pick her up tomorrow to deliver her to camp on time.


I was wondering why this summer was filling me not with the sleepy good feeling one normally associates with summer but instead with anxiety and dread, and Nora said it was because I was working.

Maybe she's right -- but I can't wait to get out of here.

Plus, it is freezing.

Okay. That is all.

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