2004-06-24 - 11:11 a.m.

I am afraid this is the sort of day where nothing at all gets done, no matter how hard you try.

Bleh -- I had to go pick Maddy up at a sleepover birthday party (grumble grumble why Wednesday?) in Oakland, so I could get her to camp in Berkeley. There's been really light traffic all week, but today, for some reason, the whole freeway was backed up, which meant all the surface streets were backed up. I'd meant to leave at 7:45, but had to call Anna's mother, because there was a message on our machine saying that Anna wasn't actually at the slumber party ... so after I talked to Anna's mother, it was 8:00. But I made it, and got her to camp at 8:58, although the poor child confessed as she was getting out of the car that she had not been to sleep before 3.


I'm also annoyed in general with the birthday-girl's parents because they never answer their phone. I think they have issues, and I should probably be sympathetic, but it's easier to just say, harumph.

Actually, they're probably just overwhelmed, and their kids play a huge amount of sports, and they're probably just really busy.

But it amounts to the same thing, really -- it's too difficult to maintain more than a minimal sort of relationship with them, so that's what we've got.

Anyway, so I got to work shortly after 9 feeling like I'd already been driving around for an hour. Oh, I had!

And I've got to leave a bit early to pick up Maddy and pick up something to cook, because Kevin's parents are coming in today. Also, it would be nice to get the house picked up just a small bit. Maybe Nora can vacuum and sweep the kitchen and empty the dishwasher. that would all help.

Anyway -- this is the tenor of the day. Too busy, too rushed to do anything, too annoyed.

So, what else. Oh -- Nora and I went to see Troy last night.

Well -- I liked Hektor. I liked Odysseus. I liked Priam. It wasn't exactly terrible. Was Brad Pitt truly terrible? I actually think not. I mean, it's kind of hard to play that kind of hero as more than he did, I suppose. Too bad Patroclus was so ugly. Too bad all the girls were so ugly.

Brad Pitt's butt was rather attractive, but somehow you'd expect him to have more scars.

Orlando Bloom was pretty good as Paris.

I don't know -- sort of hard to make a movie like that without reference to other gloopy movies like that. The music. The awful costumes. The hideous statuary.


Okay -- going to try to salvage something from this wreck of a day.


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