That is all.

2004-06-28 - 8:54 a.m.

Oh, but I am sleepy.

Kevin's parents were here, and it all went well. Friday Kevin and Nora took them up to look at two job sites near Inverness (north of here) and to get oysters. Friday night we had lamb chops, which were really really good. (That Mr. Latte book again.) Saturday, Nora went early to see her friends Penny and Freddy before Penny left for Australia. Maddy had a riding lesson, and Esther came along. Then we went to Chez Panisse for dinner.

That place -- hmmm.

It is good, but it tends to be the kind of food you can actually make at home without too much trouble. But it's good -- I had albacore, and Nora had a lamb stew, which she ate, and Maddy had a grilled chick, which she ate.

The fact that the kids ate is a good sign.

For dessert there was a peach crisp -- but I can make a pretty good peach crisp myself.

Anyway -- it was nice.

Brought K's dad back to the hotel, then wandered the streets a bit looking for postcards.

Sunday -- we fed them breakfast. Kevin's cousin Andy came over. We gave him Maddy's ticket to Fahrenheit 9/11. We went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. It was fun to go with Andy -- he's only 22 or so, so he's a nice bridge between Nora and the rest of us. She likes him. Fahrenheit 9/11 was quite quite sad, really. Enormously sad. Good, I think. Maddy was definitely wise to stay home and watch Meet Me in St Louis, though.

Then we drove to Oakland to look at a house Kevin engineered. It was quite spectacular, really. We liked it. Came home and ate barbeque. K's parents went back to their hotel (they stayed across the street from Chez Panisse -- a great location). Andy went home. Nora, Maddy and I watched Godfather Pt 2. Also sad.

Anyway, it was good. Enough, but not too much. I got a bit of gardening done, which was desperately needed.

And now, here I am, really tired because I came in early to get stuff done because I'm leaving at noon to get Maddy to camp and take Nora shopping for some shorts and a bathing suit.

Because, (!!!) she's leaving for camp on Thursday!


Okay. That is all.

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