Hours in a day

2004-07-06 - 10:08 a.m.

Ha ha! I am here!

Maddy's at a new camp this week -- Y camp. Seems to be full of boisterous teenagers going on trips. She looked a bit wary. Even when we spotted Samantha, also looking wary, she still looked concerned.

I think it will be okay. They're going to Iceland today to go skating. (She hates skating.) Tomorrow they go to Santa Cruz. Thursday they take a ferry to pier 39. Those things all sound pretty fun, really. Better send money, though.


Otherwise -- Maddy and I watched Catch me if you can last night. Well, first, yesterday afternoon we took a walk down by the water. It was lovely! Then we came home and watched the movie, which was actually pretty good. Kevin had hated it. He hates all Spielberg movies on principle. I thought it was quite good, though, and even Kevin admitted that Leonardo di Caprio was good. He's actually a decent actor. We also watched real women have curves, which was very good. I liked how the mother remained a pill, and completely selfish throughout the movie.

I think that's all I have to report.

I pick Maddy up at 5, but tomorrow she's gone from 8 to 6:30. !!! Major hours!


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