2004-07-07 - 12:28 p.m.


I am here!

I couldn't get in earlier.

Anyway, this morning I have:

-cataloged many books.

-answered many (not really) reference questions.

-discussed with a pregnant colleague the exact perfect spot for her to live, near public transit, parks, shopping, and other families with kids and no nannies.

-avoided a lunch I didn't want to have (by doing nothing!) and gone shopping for another pair of sandals and some silly things to send to Nora, plus a cd wallet for Maddy, who is now old enough for such items.

-that may be it.

But still!

Also, I found out that a copy of a book I want is available at the north branch, so I'll stop and get it on my way home.

I watched Nowhere in Africa last night. What a great movie. It sort of invaded my sleep. Africa was amazing. The Africans were amazing. The mother and father were completely believable, in that each was dispicable at certain times in a completely believable way, and the little girl was fabulous.

I really recommend it, and I'm curious about what happened after.


And I got Maddy off to camp successfully. She was headed off to Santa Cruz. Too bad the weather is completely and totally sucky. This is a pretty sucky summer, weather-wise, I think.

Although I must admit I am a bit used to it, by now -- 20 some odd years later.

And soon I will be off, too.

But first I must do the laundry ...

bye --

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