2004-08-09 - 10:36 a.m.


So here I am at work, again, only this time it's Monday, and I really do have to do stuff.


And I feel pretty out of sorts about it.

I really am just doing a lot of stuff, but there is still more that I haven't done yet.


I sort of feel like I'm on the moon.

Anyway --

My sister is horrible -- she tells these long stories that are chiefly about their digressions, which seem to involve people she knows.

Her son needs a new haircut. She asked me what kinds of haircuts boys -- athletic boys -- in California have.


This is because one of her sons is quite athletic. He really is, and that's a good thing, but I don't think that there are special haircuts for athletic boys. That I know of, anyway.

I think they sort of have hair.

Anyway --

There is more, and mostly not annoying. The girls actually liked sailing camp, which is surprising. We all had a good time. We went to Narragansett to see Lynn, and to cape cod to visit the edward gorey house, and kevin's brother came down from weston, and we had a very good time with them. Liam, who is 8, is completely into the beatles and harry potter. By some magical chance, we had found a Harry Potter car at the christmas tree shop and bought it for him, and he loved it. Maggie, who is two -- nearly three -- is a blast. And Liam liked his yellow sweater, and it fit! Success!

It was kind of funny weather. I swam and kayaked and didn't really get to sail much. I am so buying a boat.

And it's weird to be home, especially without the girls --



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