2004-08-13 - 7:13 p.m.

Oh, dear.

No power at work today -- so now I'm home. It's quite late, but I'm updating.

Those girls -- I left them in Mass. with one week left of sailing camp. Which they pretty much flaked out on, meaning that Maddy missed out on an vernight to a nearby harbor which would have been really fun, and Nora missed out on tubing off our dock.

It's completely annoying, for a variety of reasons. Biggest one being that I can totally see myself doing ecactly the same thing, and being really sorry about it -- which makes it the one big thing I really don't want my kids to do. Which also makes it the big thing I'm worried about with Nora and High School. She'll be too shy to do things that she knows she wants to, and as a result, she'll miss out on all kinds of stuff.

I know that's exactly my biggest flaw.

Oh, I really can't even think about it. If I had been there, i would have made them go. But I wasn't.

I feel sick.

Okay. Bye, then.


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