2004-08-17 - 10:42 a.m.

I'm just about to run home to talk to an architect. I actually think we are going to build on to our house. Partially, I think this is crazy and we should move to Berkeley instead. Partially, I think it's a really good idea.

The great math teacher is leaving Middle School B. I'm quite sad. Pooh.

What else --

Kevin and I cleaned out two shelves of the kitchen cupboard from hell last night. It was quite good of us. We seem to have a lot more salad dressing than we really need. Also, some horrible old spices. I threw them away.

In other news, I am organizing, which is good. I've been reading an Elizabeth George mystery, which is actually pretty good.

I'm sort of sad to be home, but it's also good, because I'm getting stuff marginally cleaned up to start the new year. I'm sort of hiding, though. I went to my book group, and I've seen coworkers and one set of neighbors, but I'm hiding from another set. Really, we should have people over for dinner, etc. etc., but I'm not calling them up.


That is all.

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