2004-08-18 - 12:23 p.m.

Good lord, suddenly it's all very busy here.

I got out of jury duty, which is a very good thing.

Maddy is mulling over her electives for next year.

I really have to go to IKEA tonight and get two new bookcases and make them quickly because --

The girls are coming home tomorrow!


School year is starting, etc. etc. etc.

We talked to the architect yesterday, and I really do think we have a reasonable plan for adding on to the back of our house. This would result in a family room, a bigger kitchen and a second bathroom. !!!

Seems good. No idea about the cost. Yikes.

But it sounds good.

Also -- it's warm! I think we should go to the beach, and then go camping, and then it will be time to go skiing.

Well, soon, I mean. If you assume one thing a month. Beach. Camping. Then a few months, and then skiing.

I'm reading Dogs of Riga, by Henning Mankell. He's a swedish mystery writer. I'm enjoyingit quite a bit.

And that is all --

I wish we could see more of the olympics besides swimming and gymnastics.

Ho hum.


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