2004-08-19 - 9:35 a.m.

So --

The kids are on the plane -- they arrive at 3:10.

I'm having a latte to celebrate.

Then I have a million things to do.

Slowly, I am becoming very organized. You should be amazed.

Also, I ran into two friends this morning. One of them is 45, and she's pregnant! I'm not sure she knows what a miracle that is, but it's pretty hard to begrudge it her since she's never had any kids, and in fact, really hasn't, I think, had any serious relationships. Or maybe she has, but she's never married. It's actually pretty wonderful. The other one had news about sailing -- he says to join a club, not to buy a boat. Which actually makes a lot of sense --

I stayed up quite late last night reading another Henning Mankell book, the Fifth Woman. I think it's possibly better than the Dogs of Riga.

I like it because, although it deals with crime, and really horrible crime, it's not lurid. This, I suppose, is because he's Swedish. Also, he drinks a lot of coffee.

I talked to the kids for a while last night, and they sounded quite happy. How I love summer.

Okay -- I have papers to file, now.


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