2004-08-23 - 1:30 p.m.


So, the girls are back. Did I tell you that? Probably not --

It's absolutely great to have them back, but I now remember why I never have any time ever.

But actually, we've been having fun. Maddy had a math tutor, who came over and was a lot of fun. I had to go to a meeting in Oakland on Friday. Saturday, the tutor came again, and Isabel-from-across-the-street came over and hung out and went to a movie with Nora, then ate over, then slept over, and then went to San Francisco with Nora. I guess that happened Friday and Saturday. Sunday we went to see the Winchester Mystery House, which was kind of fun. Today, Maddy is at horse camp and Nora is home, and actually, I'm going home too. It seems sort of awful to just leave her there all by herself. Tomorrow she has the dentist, and also we have to go shopping for underwear.

See -- it's a whirlwind of activity!

Wednesday she has orientation. Thursday and Friday are pretty free -- So we'll see.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.


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