2004-08-24 - 8:13 p.m.

Good lord, so I am here, at work, although it is 8:00 at night.

That's because I wasn't here today, and I have a meeting tomorrow, and I really have to be somewhat coherent. And I can't come in early because I have to take Maddy to horse camp.

Interesting. Last year, when the kids were away, I realized that there were lots of fun things to do without them, and that I probably wouldn't die when they grow up and move away and leave me alone. This year, I realized just how much time and energy they take up, and that I really should cut myself some slack about how much we don't get done, because holy christ, I'm not sure how we ever get anything done. No wonder I'm always so exhausted!

Anyway -- today Nora and I went shopping for bras, I tried to convince her to do crew this year in high school, and I took her to the dentist. That's why I'm here, now.

And now I think I'll take as much of this crap home as I can and deal with it there.



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