2004-08-25 - 12:37 p.m.

All right, I have to share this. It is too funny not to.

We have this staff email list. Some people are probably a bit nutty. Here, read this:

Hi everyone,

> >

> >Animal Services has received word that over fifteen rabbits will be

> >dropped off at the shelter. This will create a serious crisis at the

> >shelter. They can't take in all of these rabbits without euthanizing

> >some of them or others. If you can adopt one or more of these rabbits in

> >need - or know someone who can - please contact [blah blah blah]

> >

> >BTW, rabbits are easier to litter train than cats, and often can get along

> >with cats. I know people who have both and they play together. They can be

> >caged for most of the time as long as they are let out to play 2 hours/day.

> >They are low-maintenance pets. Some like to be held, others not so much or

> >they have to work up to it with patience


Someone responded:

>One should be cautious about putting rabbits and cats together as

>playmates. Cats are natural enemies to rabbits. If your cat catches &

>eats birds or rodents, it may attack rabbits too. I personally witnessed

>this on my grandparents farm when I was a kid.


>And , I've had other members of my household bring home pets which my cat

>was a natural predator toward - a snake and also a caged bird. We had to

>put a cover over the snake's home to keep the cat out, while the cat spent

>endless hours staring at the snake while licking it's chops - and when my

>housemate carelessly left the door open to her bird's cage, the bird flew

>out, my cat caught it & ate it. My housemate eventually "forgave" my cat,

>but I found it harder to "forgive" my housemate for not discussing with me

>ahead of time her desire to have a bird - I already knew from the snake

>that the tension would be extremely intense between the cat and the bird.


Then someone else responded:

Just this past Sunday morning, I woke up and put the kettle on the boil for

my French Press coffee. I found it strange that my Sunday paper wasn't on

the kitchen table, since my snake Fred usually brings it in. I went into

the living room and made a gruesome discovery: my two parakeets, Peter 1

and Peter 2, had managed to behead and disembowel my beloved snake and

roast him over a fire they had started in the fireplace. I was angry at

first but seeing my parakeets in their little chef hats with their little


on...well...I just couldn't be mad at them. Their aprons were the same and

said (red letters on a black apron): "I've got more time for luvin' since I

got my microwave oven". I pointed out to them that they were spit roasting

Fred, not micro-waving him and Peter 1 just looks at me, as if to say:

"Hey, I think you'd be more amazed that two little parakeets could

slaughter, disembowel, and cook a fifteen foot anaconda."

Surprisingly Fred was quite light and flaky; and no, he didn't taste like



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