2004-08-27 - 1:54 p.m.

Okay, I'm back.

Let's see.

Back to school thing for Maddy last night, which was not exactly anything new. The head of the middle school has left, which is too bad because I liked her, and the guy who's taking over is nice, but he kind of didn't take control, and let the director run over him in the little orientation they gave, and that's not exactly a good sign.

Nora's friend's parents really don't like the director. They've been around a while, so they are comparing her to people I don't know. She seems okay to me, but maybe I'm just naive.

So, there's that.

Went to the high school thing the night before. Similarly unhelpful, but somehow reassuring all the same.

It's all gearing up. Nora's been at Emma's house every day, now, and actually I went back there last night after this middle school thing and ended up having a latenight chinese dinner there, which was quite fun -- and saw Maddy's friend Morgan's parents, too, which was also quite fun, but it's all gearing up. No escape now. Soon there will be homework and piano lessons and driving and -- god knows what all --

In other news, it's a gorgeous day. I'm wearing my shorts in honor of the end of summer. I do feel a bit odd, but they are old lady shorts. Surely you know what I mean. They come down to my knees. They are baggy and I love them.

Okay. That is all.


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