No sharks

2004-09-07 - 1:16 p.m.

Here is a public service announcement.

It's hot.

Too hot, really, to be here at all, except I have a meeting at 2:00.

With any luck, the meeting will be over at 2:05, so I can go home and take of all my clothes and lie on the bed and be very very still.

In other news, apparently the beach was closed yesterday because there was a shark sighting on Friday. !!!!! I was there! There was no sign saying "closed." A truck did drive by and sputter incoherently once, but the water was full of people -- although nobody very far out. How were we supposed to surmise that the beach was closed?

Actually, I'm happy I didn't know, since it was really wonderful and we didn't, after all, get eaten by sharks.

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