I need some tea

2004-09-10 - 11:18 a.m.

Good heavens -- such busyness, and we actually did in fact manage to have a reasonable dinner last night with Nora's friend Emma, and arrange for the sleepover of four girls tonight from Maddy's class last year -- plus Maddy finished all her homework and studied for her test and I think Nora and Emma got their homework done and even got to bed at a sort of reasonable hour.

So --

But I did not go to the important PTA meeting last night, and I did not go to the middle school meet the teachers coffee this morning. (How, I ask you, are you supposed to go to a 7:30 coffee AND get your kid to school by 8:00? I think I have done it in the past, but I don't see how. Hmmm. Kevin goes to work at 7, so he's not much help.)

So -- the good and the bad.

Anyway. Then I forgot my cell phone, which meant I had to go back home and dawdle a bit. I read some of my new mystery --- another one from Sweden -- and admire the shiny wood floors (Maria came yesterday).

But now I am here, and boy am I efficient.

Okay, then --

Bye --

Oh -- and yesterday I got (from the library) Harry Potter in Spanish! Very very fun.

Okay. Bye.

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