oh thank god it's thursday

2004-09-16 - 9:24 a.m.

Okay, so Kevin's father was initially not doing well at all, and today he is doing a tiny bit better. His kidneys are working, apparently, which is always a good sign.

Nora told me last night that she can't wait for this weekend and it is going to be a weekend of refreshing. Or something like that. She is going to catch up in all her studying, because someone told her that the key to her high school is staying on top of things.

She actually is pretty on top of things, but feels that she isn't. She has to memorize a billion geometry postulates and also a bunch of latin.

This is good! She's worrying about her homework, and I haven't even said anything!

Anyway -- I'm looking forward to a weekend to refresh as well. I think I might spend most of it on the couch, actually. Ahhh.

In other news, they are still talking about cultures in freshman seminar. Maybe it will get better, but so far it seems a bit iffy. She seems to be working in English. That's good. Spanish is a disappointment. She likes the teacher, but says the kids in the class aren't really capable (or willing? --I'm not sure) of holding a conversation. I think we'll try to set up some kind of conversation session outside of school -- she and Emma and maybe others could meet with either their old spanish teacher or some other fluent speaker -- maybe friday afternoons at a cafe or something just to talk. Maybe see movies and then talk -- something like that.

It's funny to talk to people about their public high school experiences. My high school was pretty good -- we were definitely expected to work hard. There was no social change component -- classes were tracked, and if you got into the smart kid track, you were expected to work pretty hard. I'm not sure what it was like if you weren't in the smart kid track -- possibly less good, although there was art and music. My unsmart brothers did those things, and did fairly well.

I'm really glad she's coming from a private middle school, though. She's pretty solid in most subjects, and I don't think they really even teach languages in public middle school

I don't know -- maybe we'll ship her off to Spain for her junior year or something.

Okay, then.

Got to go.

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