really too tired

2004-09-17 - 8:53 a.m.

I'm really tired, which probably explains why I'm so crabby.

The girls were up until very late doing thier homework, and then Nora forgot her Spanish binder at home. I notice that I also forgot my phone at home, so she can't really call me. Unless she thinks to call my office.

Oh dear, oh dear.

And then there is contruction on the arlington, which makes the drive in take --oh -- 10 minutes longer, which is not such s big deal, but it tends to put you in a state. And then some asshole behind me started honking. We are waiting because only half the road can be driven on, so when people are coming from the other direction, you have to wait. Is there something complicated about that? Is honking going to help?

No -- and you are an asshole.

Oh, and I forgot, again, a book I am supposed to bring in.

And I'm really really tired, and I think I'd just like to go home now.


That's all I have to say --


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