Nothing new to report

2004-09-20 - 11:27 a.m.

Ho hum.

Quite busy.

Also slightly hungry. Perhaps it's time for lunch.

A very boring weekend, which was actually not a bad thing. Friday, Nora's friend slept over. Saturday we watched 4 movies. !!! Amalie, Bourne Identity, Italian Job and Love and Death.

It was actually pretty lovely. I think we were all sort of exhausted.

Sunday, Maddy went to the school picnic, and Nora and I stayed home. Kevin rode his bike to work. We looked at the drawings for the addition to the house. We decided the laundry should go downstairs after all, but that meant we needed a real stair instead of a circular stair. Which is probably better anyway. It seems like it might work. You can get these things called winders, which have curvey bits at the top and bottom, but feel like real stairs.

Stairs are actually pretty nice, I think.

I went for a walk. Nora got her homework done. Maddy practiced and did her homework. We watched mystery at 9:00. We had leftovers for dinner.

All good, I think.

Okay, then.


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