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2004-09-22 - 9:10 a.m.

Hey, I'm here!

Yesterday was just a really busy day.

Today is already less busy, but we'll see how long that persists.


I have to walk down to the library at lunch today. The public library, I mean. That will be good.

Maddy had a piano lesson that went well yesterday. She's doing remarkably well in middle school. Odd. I'd expected that it would be more difficult, but so far, it isn't.

I think this particular set up is much better for her. In Montessori school, you do most of your work in class. It's quite chaotic, because there's stuff going on everywhere and people walking around. It can work really well, especially for kids who are good at focussing on what they're supposed to do. But for Maddy, I think it was not so good. This way, she does some of her work in class, but if she doesn't finish it's no big deal. Then she has homework, which she does at home where she IS focussed, and also not frustrated by a day at school where she got nothing done.

My new theory.

It's carried over into other things, though. Yesterday she practiced all her pieces in 30 minutes. Not even -- more like 24. She really could do this every time, but it usually takes her an hour and a half because so much time is spent lolling on the piano bench in agony.

It could just be that she's maturing.

But I also think a fresh start is a good thing.

Okay -- these are the only pearls of wisdom I have to offer --


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