2004-09-30 - 11:02 a.m.

Okay -- I'm here. Just barely.

Kevin's not home this week, so what did we do?

Homework for hours and hours, but good naturedly. No dinner to speak of. Slept late (and well! No one turned on the lights at 6 and asked me tortuous questions about the location of ... whatever!) Still managed to finish the current event that Maddy had forgotten to do last night, and got out the door on time, and Nora to school by 8:29, and a good parking spot!

Sort of a banner night and day, actually.

I do seem to have a slight headache, though.

Say -- yesterday I walked 13,000 steps!

Today, sadly, it's only been 965 so far. I think the trick is, you've got to get 6,000 or so on your way in to work or you're doomed.

Maybe I'll go down to the library at lunch -- that should be good for 4,000 or so.

Okay -- got to go. Important stuff to take care of.


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