2004-10-01 - 9:35 a.m.


Kevin is still gone and I haven't heard from him. I think it's because of the debate.

I saw part of the debate, but then had to leave. It looked to me like Kerry was totally mopping the floor with George "idiot monkey face" Bush, but maybe that was just me.

Nora rushed out of the house this morning to take the early bus. She's going over to Emma's to spend the night. Maddy woke up this morning and memorized 10 African countries. She'd started last night, but late.

It used to be that a thing like this would send her into a complete tailspin, but now it seems to be okay.


Back to school night last night for Nora. How odd. Lots and lots of people, which is good. Lots of her teachers are brand new -- which is not bad. Her geometry, english and latin teachers seem good to me. her spanish teacher seems not bad, just maybe tired. Plus there are 40 kids in the class. That's not good. Her ethnic studies teacher seems okay to me -- Okay, it seems a waste to have half a year devoted to sex and drugs, but he says he's going to try to make it more substantive. Like alcohol in the context of prohibition, for instance.

Anyway -- it's a huge school and it looks a little overwhelming to me -- but on the whole, good. I think.

Okay, then.

There are issues of crankiness in my life right now, but perhaps if I ignore them they will go away.

Do you think?


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