2004-10-05 - 9:05 a.m.


This morning on my way to work a woman stepped out into the road, wildly waving her arms. She had just been strapping a child into carseat. I thought maybe someone was having a heart attack, or had just had their purse stolen, or something.

It turned out that she wanted to tell me that the speed limit was 15 mph.

Oh. I'm sure that I was going faster than 15 mph, but it can't have been that much faster, given the speed bumps, school, and traffic lights on that road. I'm sure she's frustrated -- I don't think anyone goes 15 mph on that road, considering that it's a main thoroughfare into town.

I will try to remember to go slower there, but it was rather annoying, although typical, to get yelled at in such a duplicitous fashion, and also, perhaps she should have considered the nature of the road before she bought a house on it? Unless she plans to sit out there all day?

Anyway. That was sort of the icing on the cake as far as My Annoying Life.



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