2004-10-07 - 10:54 a.m.

I think I have not fully discussed exactly how crabby I am.

There's no real reason, or no good one. But here are some of the things that have fueled my crabbiness.

I went to a baby shower on Sunday. (Okay -- right there is a good reason, but it wasn't even that bad!) It was kind of interesting, actually. A woman I know is having a baby. The baby's sibling and cousin were there. Discussion of high schools. Passionate discussion of just how fun marching band is. (That was kind of interesting, actually). Discussion of eating veal -- presented as if that were a terrible crime.

I can't tell you how tired I am of stupid things like the eating of veal being presented as moral issues.

Look, I would not buy veal that had not been raised in a humane fashion, but neither would I presume to accuse veal eaters of some kind of moral turpitide.

I think Nora being at this particular high school is bringing this up because it brings me into contact with this kind of nonsense on a regular basis.

It is highly annoying.

Then there's a work situation, which puts me in a position to listen to a fair number of complaints. That, too, is annoying.

Then there's the whole situation of Kevin's dad. That actually should not make me crabby, but I think the uncertainty of it is wearing ...

Oh, there was the driving incident of Tuesday. That sort of goes with the veal incident.

Maddy's old school sent an extremely crabby letter home asking the old students to not come visit without calling first. I would never visit without calling, but now I actually don't feel like visiting at all, thank you very much.

I think the fact that both kids have huge amounts of homework and the fact that we probably won't go camping this weekend are also making me crabby.

But here's a thing from yesterday that made me happy. I was walking up the street. There's a flower vendor who's been occupying this particular stop for many years. Somehow I know that he's a refugee from Iran. His English isn't great. He's probably 55 or so. His wife sometimes helps out. Anyway -- yesterday as I was walking down the street I noticed that he had a selection of little pumpkins. On the way back up the street I noticed a mob of what looked to be Chinese foreign students swarming around the pumpkins and holding them up to look at them. "Decorations," he was saying. "Halloween."

It was somehow very sweet.

It's the stupidity of the black and white position that I find so highly annoying. That and the sanctimonious air.

Okay, I think I have things to do.


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