2004-10-12 - 11:41 a.m.

You know, I have nothing much to report.

1. It was a long weekend, and the weather was gorgeous, and yet we did not go camping. Pooh.

2. We did go to a picnic, and Nora ate and slept over at E.'s, and Maddy rode a horse, and Nora did hours and hours of homework. I think that may have been all.

3. Kevin's dad is not doing well at all. Ugh.

4. I did some laundry. I read the last of the Sjowall/[what's his name?] swedish mysteries. We watched mystery on tv. We watched Day of the locust (good), some Monty Python movie, and Gosford Park (pretty incomprehensible, really, isn't it?) Nora saw another movie (princess bride) with her friend A.

5. I guess we did a lot, but somehow it was not very exciting.

6. I really wanted to go camping.

7. There's a 4 day holiday coming up in November. We have to go then, although I suppose we will need to go to Michigan at some point.

8. Ugh.

9. Ugh indeed.


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