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2004-10-15 - 3:40 p.m.


What an insane and busy week. It's over, but there's no guarantee that next week won't be any worse.

I've become somewhat sympathetic to the Rastafarians. It's the old Babylon/Zion metaphor, just taken to concreteness. I mean, I think they really believed that Ethiopia was Zion, but who can blame them, really?

I just finished Jhumpa Lahiri's the Namesake. What a wonderful book. It's a funny book -- not a whole lot happens. It's a description of a boy growing up. It doesn't end with him particularly settles. In fact, it seems to end with him unsettled. It's really good, though. It's full of descriptions -- of houses and apartments and meals.

It almost seemed boring as I was reading it, and now I can't stop thinking about it.

Highly recommended, I think.

I've finished two ponchos, except for the sewing up, and half another, and I have two to go. I'll admit to being a bit tired of them, but they look nice. they are for my nieces.

I think that may be it for my Christmas knitting. There is a limit, after all.

Now I have to go pick Maddy up.

Kevin's dad is pretty definitely dying. I have my own problems with it. It seems crazy to have had that surgery. If it were me, I'd prefer to die at home on my own time and able to speak. But Kevin said he was miserable before the surgery, and Faith, my sister-in-law, thinks it was brave of him to have the surgery, so mayber there's another way to look at it -- that he preferred to take the chance, however small, that life would be better. And also, I feel kind of blindsided by the whole thing, but I probably would anyway -- I mean, death doesn't wait until it's convenient, usually.

So I guess I am getting reconciled, and Kevin seems to as well, although I think it's pretty hard for him.

School -- we're over the first excitement, and then the inevitable reaction (homework! every night! no way!), and into acceptance, I guess -- this is life and they are just dealing with it. So that's good.

And holidays are coming up -- oh, lots of them. Unclear at the moment where we're going to go for thanksgiving ...

Got to go!


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