I'm gone

2004-11-03 - 9:02 a.m.

I am so sad I am seriously looking into moving to Canada.

I didn't realize quite how sad I would be.

It looks like the vote split pretty much urban/rural, educated/uneducated, religious (in the fundamentalist way)/secular.

I don't really want to live in a country ruled by a bunch of yobbos, which is pretty much what we've got.

My roots are pretty deep here -- I've got immigrant ancestors and ancestors who came on the Mayflower. I've lived in the east, the midwest and the west. I've lived in North Dakota, for christ's sake.

But I can't really participate in a country which seems to think it's okay to invade other countries because we want their oil, and to send poor kids off to die there, to teach that creationism is science, to teach that it's okay to be stupid and that critical thought is not important.

And the cynicism. And the fact that that cynicism works.

Robert Reich was on Air America and he was talking about how apparently "moral issues" were the big deal. In which case, I really can't see how Bush could win. Is corporate greed, trashing the environment and mass murder moral?

Although I suppose those evils are as nothing before the great evil of people being homosexual.

I just don't get it. But I'm no longer sanguine about there ever being a decent government in this country.

Nova Scotia, here I come.

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