Somewhat bitter, perhaps

2004-11-03 - 10:00 a.m.

All right, I've got more.

Here's the info on how to move to Canada as a permanent resident. It actually looks possible. If we sold out house, we'd have enough money to live on for six months, I think.

Also, look at this:

Mindy, at the Mommy Blog, notes that all the blue states are sort of contiguous to Canada. If you think about it, those are also the states with economies. I mean, probably, those are the states that are supporting this country, economically. My immediate feeling was that we should just cut those red states off -- why should we be sending them farm subsidies, road building subsidies -- better a wall than a road, I think. Better to keep them out!

But another idea that springs to mind is that all those states could just be appended to Canada! Then all those crap states could just stay behind and hold some kind of revival meeting ALL BY THEMSELVES!

No, I'm not bitter. Really.

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