Not cold enough

2004-11-17 - 12:08 p.m.


I am here.

My neck is hurting, though. I think it's for skiing all day and then smushing into a car and driving for three hours.

I'm not sure, though.

It was lovely to be away. It was cold! Quite cold, and the ground near the lake was frozen and there was snow and the fire was lovely. Ahhh. We will have to go back.

In other news, we watched Saved the other night. What a good movie! Very sweet.

I have also just read the Dogs of Babel. Hmmm. I guess it was okay -- although it was a bit unclear why the depressed person threw herself out of a tree rather than just getting some medication.

Perhaps that's just me, though.

(Okay, I didn't really like it, and the idea of spending three days at Disney World was sort of putrid.)


I like fall. Perhaps I'll go for a walk at lunchtime.

Maddy's studying nutrition at school, and Nora's studying El Salvador and the future tense of latin verbs. Good girl.

We got back from skiing on Saturday night, and Maddy could have gone off to a sleepover with the friends from last year, but opted not to. I was actually pleased -- they told her later they had stayed up until 5, which I knew would happen, and would have made her a wreck for a week -- but sort of felt bad about being pleased. I htink she was having a good time with Nora and Nora's friend E, who came skiing with us. Also, she's a person who enjoys spending time alone, and I think she just wanted to do that.

Anyway -- she seems to have had not regrets about it since.

All right -- must go -- bye now.

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