knitting projects in my sleep

2004-11-22 - 10:04 a.m.

Another action-packed weekend.

I have ten thousand projects going on. I actually went to my knitting group, which was fun. I had to go to get help figuring out how to get the furry stuff on the borders of the ponchos I'm making for my nieces. The trouble is, I have made four ponchos, but I have six nieces. Seven, actually. Nine, actually, but two are too big for presents.

Anyway. One is a baby, and I've made her a blanket already, so I think no poncho for her. I really should make a poncho for the other one who lives here.

And then I have five nephews of present-giving age. I think I will make snake scarves for three of them. I think I gave snake scarves to the other two last year.

Here's the plan -- finish the ponchos. Make snake scarves for the remaining niece and three nephews. That's only four snakes. I can handle that easily.

Oh, but there's another nephew. I had thought I would make him a Harry Potter scarf because he's a Harry Potter nut. I'll see -- maybe I will.

Then there are my own children, poor neglected waifs.

Oh dear god.

I'm halfway through the scarf I'm making for a scarf-exchange. I discussed it's design aspects thoroughly with Maddy, who convinced me that it was just fine and I did not need to rip it out and start over.

It's actually very very nice. I might do another one just like it and give it to Nora. It would look really pretty with her green coat.

And I have some other yarn that might make a nice scarf for my grandmother ...

I'm getting palpitations just thinking about all of this.

Anyway --

I decided that we had to start having people over for dinner EVEN THOUGH our house is full of 20,000 catalogs, geometry assignments, old new yorkers and other detritus. So we did -- my brother Dan and his Dan came over. I roasted a chicken, and we had roasted potatoes and lovely beets (and broccoli, for those who think beets are the vegetable of the devil) and -- I htink that was it.

Anyway -- it was a success! The food was good, and it was nice to just hang around, and even though I'm sure they were horrified at the mess, it was still pretty fun.

So we have to do it again.

For some reason, the reason Kevin does not want to invite people over is because the back yard is a disaster.

He's right -- it is -- but it doesn't have the same terrifying affect on me.


Now I need more tea.


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