Happy Thanksgiving!

2004-11-23 - 9:49 a.m.

Okay. One last map, courtesy of a friend of my mother's!!!!

I couldn't resist.

Okay -- Listen to this day I've got planned.

I've got to catch a 5:00 plane.

Maddy's on a field trip, and won't be back at school until 3:00. Nora's got a Latin test 6th period, and won't be done until 3:15. I am not packed. I'm at work. But I do have boarding passes!

So obviously, I finish up whatever the hell I'm doing here, then run home, pack, call the airport to confirm that there's even parking, pick up Maddy, then Nora, then go to the airport.

It's actually doable, unless something unforseen occurs. In which case it all falls apart, but then I guess we just catch a later flight. It's only Phoenix -- it's not like it's Baltimore or something.

The worst thing is deciding which yarn to to take with me. Heh heh heh.

Nora has been exercizing her independence lately. She has a new friend at school. This friend is a) in her latin class and b) on the soccer team. Two points in her favor. The friend just recently moved here from Pacifica. A questionable mark -- possibly not in her favor. This friend encourages Nora to want to do things like: take the BART to Daly City and; go over to her house after school on a school night. These are definate black marks. She did go to Daly City and survived. This friend is also friends with another friend who's probably a good kid but prone to having lots of freedom and free time -- all bad things, in my opinion.

Anyway -- it's all remained very cheery, although I told Nora that she was to come home directly after school on school nights, and that we could renegotiate this policy when she gets straight As. (ha!) Which she accepted completely.

But anyway, all this gave me cause to remember that when my mother was 45, I myself was 21. She and I went on a driving trip of England, staying in farmhouses. It was fun, although occasionally a bit odd. My god, and then we came back and I moved out to California!

How very odd. But to me, at 21, she, at 45, seemed very very old.


I don't think Nora thinks of me as being quite so old -- I mean, I still do things like work and ski. Plus, she's only 15 -- so she probably doesn;t think of me as geriatric.

Although I am.

Anyway -- she's not quite 15. Her birthday's on Thanksgiving. !!!

High excitement.

And now I realy have to go.


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