2004-12-01 - 11:16 a.m.


I think I may be a little sick, too. My neck is stiff and I feel sort of tired and crabby.

Nora is still home. I should call her -- she was fast asleep when I left this morning at 8:45.

She did read a book yesterday, so that's a good thing. I think she'd better go back to school tomorrow -- but she's still pretty sick.

Hey, my sock is going very well. I got past the point where the heel goes in, and now I'm doing the top part. I'm making it ribbed, in classic sock style.

I think it will be gorgeous.

What else -- it's cold here! It seems to be winter!

I do like winter. I especially like to be asleep in a warm bed in a cold house.

I ordered some books from amazon on socks and mittens. Hooray!

Okay -- got to go.


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