2004-12-06 - 11:39 a.m.


Feeling totally scattered.

Current crisis: when to celebrate Christmas.

We're going to Kevin's mom's house. We're going on Dec. 23, on purpose before Christmas so K's mom will not be alone on said day.

Of course, K's family is not much for celebrations. I think they regard them as a chance to eat a nice meal.

I'm all for a nice meal, but Christmas is a big deal. It has: decorations, carols, presents, secret frenzied persent wrapping, shopping, discussion. You really should go to midnight mass, too, I'm afraid. Then you can hear the carols and come home in the frosty frosty air. It should be cold. There are cookies. And a nice meal. (Which sadly, should be turkey, which I know we won't get because K's family demeans it as a common bird. Which means you have to eat something horrid like duck or goose. Yuck.)

Anyway. Since no good deed goes unpunished, this is what's going on. We're going, on purpose, for Christmas. Kevin's older brother isn't coming until the 27th. So, in K's mother's mind, this means we don't need to celebrate until they get there. Of course, no one has heard from K's youngest brother.

Should we just can Christmas and wait until the 27th?

Actually, there is one big fat reason why that doesn't work. They will naturally celebrate Xmas at home --so we can't do the whole stocking thing on the 27th, because they will have already done it, and it will be unpleasant for them to have to sit through it twice.

So we have to celebrate Xmas onthe 25th (thank god.) But there is another monkey wrench just waiting for action, and that's K's little brother.

They will probably show up on the 24th with no stockings or anything.

Oh dear --

Have to go.

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