letter to Betty

2004-12-07 - 9:25 a.m.

Letter to Betty:

1. My skiis have come and they are so beautiful you won't believe it. Their name is "Sweet Luv," which is a little squiffy, but they are a lovely shade of gray-blue. When the binding guy took them out of the box, he said, "oh, these are really nice." Or something.

2. Sadly, however, they won't have their bindings on until Saturday.

3. Also, things are actually fairly busy here this week. (It's a constant round of holiday parties!)

4. Next week might be better. Or even/also the weekend of the 18th. We've got 40 dollar coupons for Northstar, plus we (plus Emma) have 1 free lift ticket at Kirkwood which should be used before 12/26.

5. I think Carmen is on the schedule for this Thursday.

6. Nora is totally swamped. She was sick for a week, which wreaked havoc.

7. I have knitted a sock!

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