Look, I'm really busy right now.

2004-12-07 - 9:26 a.m.

This is what my life is often like:

Poor Nora is finally catching up. I got home last night from Maddy's riding class to find Penny and Emma over. We're doing homework, Nora assured me. Hmmm. I had my sock knitting class at 6:00 (it was 5:24), though, so I had to run out to buy groceries so Kevin could cook dinner. I got porkchops. I ran into one of Maddy/Nora's teachers at the market, which delayed things, as did the woman needing a recipe with her tilapia.

Anyway, I got home at about 6:15 or 6:20. Emma and Penny were gone. I dropped off the food and ran.

I made a sock! (More about that later.)

At 8:15 on my way home, a plaintive call from Nora -- she has a Latin test to study for and needs help. I come home. I help her study. She also has to make a map of the seven hills of Rome. It's 1:00 by the time she's done. In the mean time, Maddy has practiced the piano and gone to bed. Kevin has gone to bed. I've cleaned the kitchen and eaten a pork chop. At 12:55 we discuss whether or not she should do her math homework. If she doesn't, she doesn't get a stamp, and a stamp counts for 1 point, and she needs points after the last quiz, which was fairly devastating. So she does it, and is finished by 1:35. We go to bed, and I fall asleep shortly after 2:00.

I wake up at 7:05. Kevin is missing, but it latter transpires that he is in the shower. I get dressed and run out to get bagels and clementines for lunches. I return. It's only 7:35! Oodles of time. I make lunches and try to get Nora out of bed. Maddy's already up, although is wandering around the kitchen with a sort of sleepy air. I suggest breakfast. Oh, yeah, she says.

At 7:45, Isabel from across the street calls needing a ride. I warn her about impending lateness, but in fact Nora is up and dressed and ready to go by 8. We leave, drop Maddy off. I drive N and I all the way to school. I drills N on Latin vocabulary. (By this point, I have it all memorized. Shocking, really.)

8:31, I arrive at my parking lot and get the last spot.

Honestly, I feel ready for bed.

But, it's good that Nora is almost caught up. Maddy's riding and piano are both suddenly in a good spot. It's only two more weeks till vacation. Tomorrow is a minimum day, and Nora can sleep in until 9 or so.

And I have made a sock! It fits me, and Nora, and Maddy. Which means I could make four more and have 2 pairs for gifts. (I have the mate of the first one nearly finished.) It's very comfy -- both Nora and Maddy put it on and then kind of wore it around, forgetting that they had it on.

And my skiis! I forgot to mention this, but I left work a bit early to pick up my skiis and bring them to the binding counter. I hadn't seen them, but they are totally gorgeous, and the binding guy said they were really nice and that I would love them.

They were pretty cheap, too, as skiis go.

I am very excited.


That is all.

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